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Duque Immigration Services (DIS) Inc. is a licensed Canadian immigration consulting firm regulated by the the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CCIC)

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Countries that DIS Canada Inc. has had the pleasure of serving


24 Hour Service

We offer 24 hour service to cater for clients that are from different time zones around the world.

Service to All Countries

We have had many successful cases from countries around the world, such as Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Singapore and many more!

Services we Offer

Temporary Residence

Come study, work, or visit Canada to broaden your knowledge, enhance your skills, and gain valuable experience in your career. Come explore what Canada has to offer!

Permanent Residence

Interested in immigrating to Canada or to sponsor your family? We provide sound advice and guidance to help bring you and/or your family to Canada!

Labour Market Impact Assessment

Are you an employer interested in hiring Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs)? We can help you with your Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).


Check out what our clients have to say!

Romeo Teluz
Romeo Teluz
It was really an honor and we are very pleased to meet Mr. Joel Duque to help and guide us on our potential path on this journey. Everything went nice with the appointment, we were enlightened and well informed about the details we need.
Bryan Ramon Tuazon
Bryan Ramon Tuazon
Mr Duque was very professional during our consultation. He is very thorough and detailed and was able to explain the whole process clearly. We were able to learn new things from him, especially those procedures that we initially thought that we know already.
Jaypee Aguiluz
Jaypee Aguiluz
Outstanding Work! I found their services to be excellent and well-informed; in particular, our consultant is highly competent, well-organized, and has a great command of the material. From a technical standpoint, everything is flawless. This business has my highest recommendation.
Jeslyn Dayao
Jeslyn Dayao
Mr. Duque did a great job in explaining to me and my aunt regarding our concerns. He made sure that we understand every step before he continues. He is also straightforward which is fair enough and very realistic which could help us in making our decision with the option that he gave us. My aunt and I were very enlightened after attending the meeting with Mr. Duque . Thank you
jonathan lopez
jonathan lopez
Very informative and gaves step by step run-down the things that needs to be said.
Marielle Cristobal
Marielle Cristobal
I was satisfied with how Mr. Duque explained everything to me; he was very direct to the point and never sugarcoats the process; he did it professionally and enthusiastically. He gave me step by step plans and pathways for me to start. I will surely recommend him and the Duque Immigration Services Inc., and I am looking forward to ask for their help and services again.


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